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Start a program

FARMacy WV started in Wheeling, WV, but we are expanding statewide.

Interested in starting your own program locally?

These are the steps you need to take to start your own branch. If you need help, please reach out to us! We offer all the resources you need at no charge.

Establish a clinic, hospital, or doctors’ practice that will host the program.
Secure funding for the program. Current funding sources include Grant funding through multiple sources working with healthy food access, local gifting and philanthropic groups, Community Benefit dollars through hospitals, insurance companies as well as FQHCs.
Contract with local growers/farmers in the area to supply produce for the 15 weeks of the program and number of patient participants. The WV Department of Agriculture can assist with locating sources of produce if not readily available. They will also assist farmers and growers with production planning to meet the needs of the program.
Secure an educator from the WVU Extension program to provide the educational component of the program as well as an on-site presence during the produce pick up times for recipe and sample distribution.
Decide on methods of data collection, including HgA1C, Lipid Profiles, Weights, and BP, (Rapid fingerstick testing on site, or data mining from EMR preprogram and laboratory blood draws post program) Surveys should be administered pre and post program on the start and end day, and no longer than a week before or after the program. Data collection assistance and software education is available through the OHSR, School of Public Health, WVU. All data collected is entered into a statewide data bank.
Patient recruitment for the program should begin early in the year. Health care providers should be involved in the patient selection process. Criteria for the program should be reviewed with the patient to ensure compliance and understanding of the program. (Patient Eligibility screening forms are available for download on this website under the Get Started dropdown in the main menu)

More information about starting your own FARMacy WV program

Our team is ready to present the FARMacy WV Program to any interested group. We strongly suggest that this program be tied to a clinic, hospital, or physician's office in order to succeed. The vital component of the health care provider-patient relationship provides access to the actual prescription for the produce as well as giving credibility to healthy food as medicine. Accountability and monitoring of the patient's progress also play a vital role in a successful outcome. The hope is that once the patient recognizes the benefits of healthy foods, he or she will continue, with support of their provider, as well as access to affordable healthy food, to make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to help control and prevent Chronic Disease.

The Educational Component of the FARMacy WV program is imperative for success. Knowing how to prepare fresh produce as well as the nutritional benefit provided have been shown by our data to improve overall outcomes.

The WVU Extension Family Nutrition Program educators can be used to present the educational component of the program. The Extension does have educators in almost every county, and educators do cross county lines if needed. They provide a six-week program,” Eating Healthy, Staying Active” free of charge to all FARMacy WV programs. It is advised that this program be provided during the patient produce pick up time during the first 6 weeks of the program in order that patients receive the nutrition and cooking skills early on that are needed to prepare and appreciate the produce that they are given.

Diabetic educators and nutritionists available at individual clinics may also be used to provide the educational component.

We would love to help your organization start a FARMacy WV Program, and we are ready to share information and issues that may help with the process. We are available to come to your site for presentations, or simply via email to answer questions. Please contact us today.

We believe that spreading the good news of the FARMacy WV concept is a simple and effective way to help fight chronic disease in our state by connecting patients to healthy affordable food and the educational resources to learn more about its preparation and nutritional value.

Go FARMacy WV!

Man helping run a FARMacy WV program

We can help

Our FARMacy WV planning team is available to meet with you to assist in the process of getting a program up and running! We have the resources to help you coordinate, locate, and educate all partners involved. There is no charge for our services.


ID partners (i.e. clinicians, growers, educators, data support) & check in with FARMacy WV Planning Team


Begin recruiting patients


Work out programmatic logistics among partners


Become trained in utilizing data-tracking software


Start collecting baseline data with participants


Begin program


Collect attendance, can enter baseline data, implementing program


Collect attendance, can enter baseline data, implementing program


Finish program, collect post-program data


Begin entering post-program data


Finish entering post-program data


Analyze data, review impacts, & share with stakeholders

A FARMacy WV program in progress

Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way to help make FARMacy WV successful

Familiarity... A Familiar environment with familiar smiling faces so that patients feel comfortable

Accountability... Through a strong patient-provider relationship with follow up and frequent reinforcement of the concept that FOOD IS MEDICINE

Reminders via phone calls, texts, Facebook and Social media of upcoming FARMacy WV pick up dates and times. 24 hours before is the best!

Monitoring of blood work pre and post program will continue to validate that a healthy diet helps to improve chronic disease. This can be done during regularly scheduled patient visits.

Accessibility to the FARMacy WV location is vital. Transportation can be difficult for some patients. Work schedules can interfere with times of pick up. Give patients the option of a later pick up that day or the following day if possible. Patients must call the clinic to notify staff of this change the day before or the day of pick up so that food can be stored in a cool place. Consider allowing the patient to have a designated person to pick up their produce if they are unable to so on specific weeks.

Choice is important for patients when it comes to produce selection. This allows the patient to see and touch the produce and provides a sense of autonomy with decisions made.

Yummy Recipes! In other words, education plays an important role in the success of the FARMacy WV program. Giving patients KNOWLEDGE about nutrition and produce preparation is giving them POWER to help fight chronic disease.

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