The FARMacy Pilot Program was initiated in the summer of 2016 as a collaboration between Wheeling Health Right Clinic in Wheeling, WV and Grow Ohio Valley, an urban farming group also located in Wheeling, WV. The collaboration came out of a joint concern for the health of the population of West Virginia, which leads the country in chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

We hope to prove via data collection that "food is medicine," and that the first method of both treatment and prevention of chronic disease should be with a healthy diet.

FARMacy History & Results


Wheeling Health Right Clinic patients who qualified for our Pilot Program had one or more chronic diseases. Most of them had diabetes in addition to obesity, high cholesterol, and/or high blood pressure.

We provided participants a "prescription" for fresh produce weekly for 15 weeks, as well as education about how to prepare the produce. All participants had blood testing and completed surveys before and after the program to demonstrate how the fresh produce had helped to improve their health and well being.

We opened the FARMacy Mobile Market on Thursdays in the Wheeling Health Right Clinic parking lot from 10am-2pm for participants and community members.

Results of our before and after blood testing did prove that both blood sugars and cholesterol improved when patients ate a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits. The completed surveys showed that education about produce preparation increased participant confidence to prepare these recipes at home. The majority of our participants said they felt better, had more energy, and would continue to eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables if they had access and could afford to do so.


Wheeling Health Right, in partnership with Grow Ohio Valley, expanded the FARMacy program in 2017 to 25 weeks, allowing us to provide produce to more patients! We added an additional location at the Moundsville Pharmacy on Saturdays for the convenience of patients who live in Marshall or Wetzel Counties.

We also launched our "Cooking From the Ground Up" program at West Virginia Northern Community College, which combines basic food preparation skills with healthy, nutritious meal planning and wellness tips for patients and outside participants.

Farmacy West Virginia health statistics background image

of adults in West Virginia have Type 2 diabetes, the highest rate in the country


of adults in West Virginia have High Blood Pressure, which also leads the country


of West Virginia adults are obese, the second highest rate in the US

16.4% / 17.9%

West Virginia has a 16.4% rate of obesity in children aged 2 to 4 and a 17.9% rate of obesity in high school children


FARMacy moves forward towards our goals with the help of many talented people and generous organizations. Please visit the links and read more below to learn more about our partners.

A special thanks to...

Farmacy partner, Ralph Dunkin
Rev. Ralph Dunkin

Rev. Ralph Dunkin put in raised beds for us at Health Right and taught participants how to grow veggies.

Farmacy partner, Molly Poffenbarger
Molly Poffenbarger

Molly Poffenbarger was our WVU Extension representative who came every week and made a meal using the available produce.

Farmacy partner, Chef Gene Evans
Chef Gene Evans

Chef Gene Evans from WV Northern Community College hosts our cooking class, "Cooking From the Ground Up."